Tony Diaz
(713) 867-8943

Founder of Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say & leader of the Librotraficantes.

"Mr. Diaz is the impresario behind an inspiring act of indignation and cultural pride." The New York Times
2007 Houston Latino Book & Family Festival: Pulitzer Prize Winning writer Junot Diaz, founder Tony Diaz El Librotraficante, & Gugenheim fellow Dagoberto Gilb.
The 2012 Librotraficante Caravan: Contraband author Dagoberto Gilb, Chicana icon Denise Chavez, Tony Diaz El Librotraficante & his merry band of book smugglers.
2002 Houston Latino Book & Family Festival: Gracie Saenz, Edward James Olmos, Dr. Tatcho Mindiola, & founder Tony Diaz-the largest book event ever in the 4th largest city in America.
Writer, professor, & activist Tony Diaz, 
El Librotraficante appears on: 

The NP Radio Show Tuesdays 90.1 FM KPFT 6p-7p CST &

"What's Your Point?" Sundays, 7:00a-8:00 am, live on on Fox 26 Houston. 
"The word “librotraficante” should not make sense in the U.S. Yet here it is 2012, and I find myself translating “book trafficker” into English." 

- Tony Diaz for​