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Arizona Legislators launched the Anti-intellectual movement by ratifying AZ House Bill 2281. This led to the prohibition of Mexican American Literature in the Tucson Unified School District. Making Chicano History Contraband led to the creation of the Librotraficante Movement. Although currently this law is used to directly oppress only Mexican Americans, Tony Diaz strives to ensure that this Anti-intellectual Movement does not spread to other states the way that Arizona's Anti-immigration movement has.
From an intimate workshop, to a keynote address, to a literary reading, Tony Diaz is a powerful writer, speaker, and instructor.  Topics range from Freedom of Speech to Hispanic Heritage Month, to Multimedia presentations. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

There is a myth that Latinos do not vote and the we are not united; however, in 1960 Mexican Americans formed Viva Kennedy Clubs across the country during a close presidential election and were the deciding factor in electing John F. Kennedy. Dr. Hector Garcia was one of the heroes behind this movement which stood on the shoulders of LULAC as well as the G.I. Forum, which he founded. Tony Diaz will share with you the most moving glimpses of a History that must be shared now more than ever. 
"Our literature and our history must never be at the mercy of political whim ever again." --Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante. The Librotraficantes have opened 5 Under Ground Libraries & our 6th & 7th are already scheduled. We partner with a nonprofit organization that brilliantly serves our community in your town. We build a base of books that begin with the banned titles but expand that to embrace local history and quantum demographics as well. Find out how you can bring this cultural bastion to your community.

Literary Reading
With work that ranges from humorous to somber, Tony Diaz's writing covers several genres from fiction to non-fiction. These include such essays as the satirical "All Educated with No Place to Go," which was first published in the Los Angeles Times, to excerpts from his just completed literary novel "The Children of the Locust Tree." He is endowed with a stage presence that can take you from charming, to funny, to fire and brimstone. 
"The Librotraficante Movement was founded to fight against the banning of our history in Arizona, and we'll be damned if we put up with it in our own back yard. Arizona is well known as the origin of the anti-immigrant movement, and it is now the center of the anti-intellectual movement." -Tony Diaz, "What Kind of Republican Are You?" Op-Ed in the Houston Chronicle.
The Protesters Handbook
Oppressors have had decades to study early Civil Rights tactics and respond. They have the advantage of time and money to plot and scheme. Our advantage is genius, creativity, and sheer numbers. We must boogle the minds of the Oppressors and thrill the Imaginations of all Americans. THE PROTESTERS HANDBOOK is a multimedia presentation that runs the gamut from the classic media of texts to the current social media to the future. Only Art Can Save Us.